Gold Investing Review

Investing in gold has always been one of the best decisions an investor would have. Historically, gold prices are likely to increase over a long period of time. Long term wise, gold would give you a higher return if you bought it at a low price. Gold is best when there is a decline in stock markets and an increase in inflation rates. Experts say that in 2008 and 2011, when there was a great regression in the stock market, gold value rose to $1,900 per ounce.

Why is gold special?

Even during the prehistoric era, gold has always been very beautiful to the eyes of men. This made gold a symbol for wealth. Pyramids in Egypt are filled with gold, temples in India are made with gold ornaments and crowns of kings and emperors are gold. Why is then gold very special? Why is gold then very expensive?


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About Mission Mining

US Gold and Silver Mining - Our Nevada & California mining properties are anticipated to hold extremely large precious metals resources. The Company has posted over $400 Million in Assets in its OTC Filings. Come join us!
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