While gold is known as the King of Monetary Metals, Silver will become the “OFFICIAL ROYAL UNDERDOG”.

Investment demand for silver hasn’t even begun yet.  This is what I will be discussing in my upcoming presentation.  Investors who are worried about silver selling off after the big move up with gold (AS JIM SINCLAIR HAS STATED)… shouldn’t be.  Sinclair is excellent in understanding gold, but is still forecasting the future price of silver based on 1970-1980 world economic conditions.


Author: Shivom Seth
Posted: Friday , 11 Jan 2013

MUMBAI (Mineweb) –

Seventy year old Surinder Singh Ahuja, a progressive farmer who has been planting cotton on 50 acres in his Haryana land and wheat in 10 acres in Fazilka in Punjab for the past four years, is in an expansive mood.

In the case of a new bride it is particularly significant, where traditionally, the in laws present clothes and gold jewellery to the her, and a grand feast is organised by the family. This year though, things are slightly different at Ahuja’s house.

“Every year, we light a bonfire, and play games. It is an opportunity for the farming community to get together and bond and also a chance to allow the children to get a glimpse of our traditions. It is especially a grand time to gift gold to different members of the family. Only this year, we have decided to give them silver antique jewellery items,” said Ahuja.

Ahuja said most of the farming community across Haryana and Punjab in North India, were buying silver as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive gold for investment purpose. “The trend began at the end of 2010 when silver prices started rallying to a 30 year high. The price of silver has great potential to go even higher this year. Plus, most shops have been showcasing exquisite silver jewellery items. The lure is too much,” he added.

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