What To Expect After This Week’s Gold & Silver Smash



There has been a great deal of propaganda from the Fed and mainstream media claiming that the world is on the road to recovery. Today one of the wealthiest and most street-smart pros in the business spoke with King World News about the reality of what is really taking place, the gold and silver smash, and where markets are headed from here.  

Rick Rule, who is the CEO of Sprott USA, said, “We are in the midst of a commodities super cycle of the same dimension we experienced in the 1970s.”  The 1970s was an extremely difficult period, and it eventually culminated in a flight from fiat currencies into gold as the world experienced a period of tremendous turmoil.

Here is what Rick Rule had to say: “We are in the midst of a commodities super cycle of the same dimension we experienced in the 1970s … By the way, I don’t disagree that there are attempts being made to suppress the price of gold, but the market is bigger than the morons who are trying to suppress it.  As far as I’m concerned, the harder they try to suppress it, the bigger the ultimate move will be.  

At some point in time rational people, people who can add and subtract, are going to say, ‘Would I rather have my wealth held in the form of a floating abstraction, like a euro, yen, or US dollar?  Or would I rather have an asset that is not simultaneously somebody else’s responsibility?  Something that can’t be printed and counterfeited.’ 

My suspicion is that over time, more people will become comfortable with gold than they are with fiat currencies … The Chinese government isn’t trying to suppress the price of gold.  It’s encouraging Chinese individuals to own gold….

“There is cash all over the place, and the more of these currency units you print, the less valuable every subsequent unit is.  Remember also, despite the fact that there is confidence in the market, confidence that’s been engendered by liquidity, as Ambroze Bierce famously said, ‘The root word of confidence is con.’  At some point in time you can’t ‘con’ an audience as big as 7 billion people.”


Rule also warned:  “I think that the possibility of anomalous events, black swan events, are large enough that collectively they are a probability.  What really needs to happen for gold to move (to the upside), is continued shakings of the foundations of confidence in central banking and fiat money issuances.


The facts are there for people to see, but people need to see the facts demonstrated.  The set of circumstances that causes gold to spike in price are invariably unpleasant circumstances.  

“I’m just afraid we’re going to see unpleasant circumstances that shake the foundations of confidence in the current system.”

Eric King – KingWorldNews.com


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