Why Owning Investment Metals is Becoming More Urgent



It’s advised to own precious metals, indeed, especially during times of crisis. But if you are aware of the recent economic trends and events, then you’ll observe an increased importance of gold on financial markets, increased sales of investment gold and even a special interest by the governments (which are in a repatriation and buying fever).

Nevertheless, gold has gotten more popular and the charts are reflecting this: the price of gold has gone up.

The euro crisis will deepen and the US dollar will eventually crash. Are you already prepared to face the financial havoc that these two currency crises will cause?

Do you already own a substantial amount of precious metals in your portfolio?

Or, are you relying on bank accounts and other less-reliable assets to keep your wealth in?

Owning the shiny yellow metal throughout history was always empowering. It’s needless to explain, but today one can observe the urgency, the rush – governments are hasty in purchasing. It’s simple to access the statistics on the World Gold Council’s website and see which country bought gold and how much they added to their existing portfolio.

Citizens in crisis-affected countries are turning to gold as well. Across Europe, in the USA and the Anglo-Saxon world in general, in India and China, but quite recently even in Japan – gold purchases started picking up (as a response to the Japanese government’s more monetary easing).

Prime Values periodically publishes news, reports and other information regarding the trends regarding precious metals and commodities.

On can observe rising awareness towards hard assets among the population of the World in general.

Gold has been in a bull market for over a decade and regardless whether it will correct, the long-term bullishness remains certain amidst crisis. Let’s not forget: we’re still at the beginning of the global economic crisis and things will get worse as the US is headed towards the fiscal cliff’s edge and the euro as a currency is awaiting its demise.

In early 2013, the masses are still pretty much “asleep”, but as awareness rises and as governments will buy more and more gold, the price of the metal will follow soon.

February 16, 2013 – Non-Stop Gold



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