$MISM – Mission Mining Company Pursues an NI 43-101 Resource Estimate Report on its Gold Star Mine located in Esmeralda County, Nevada



Mission Mining Company has engaged Zivkovic Geophysical Investigations, LLC, to prepare and submit a National Instrument (‘NI’) 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate on the Company’s Gold Star Mine located in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The NI 43-101 technical report on gold and silver deposits will fully conform to the Canadian Institute of Mining Standards (CIM Standards) on Mineral Resources and Reserves, as well as conformation to NI 43-101 “Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.”  Vladimir B. Zivkovic, M.S., is the designated “Qualified Person”, as defined in NI 43-101, and will be responsible for the contents of the report.  Dr. Zivkovic performed additional testing at the Gold Star Mine site in the past week in order to obtain all necessary data for completing the NI 43-101 report.  Submission of the report is anticipated within 4-6 weeks.


The Gold Star Mine is a large, alluvial, placer mining property holding significant gold and silver resources. It is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada, near the town of Goldfield.  Gold Star is comprised of six U.S. Bureau of Land Management claims making up 960 acres of total land area. The property has been trenched, drilled, and tested on several occasions by certified geologists and mining engineers. The most recent geological valuation of the property was completed in 2010. Obtaining an NI 43-101 technical report for resource estimation and exploration potential in order to validate the historical drilling, testing, and assay data on the Gold Star Mine should prove extremely valuable to Mission Mining in pursuing its business plan to fund and place into production this immensely valuable mining property.


Zivkovic Geophysical Investigations, LLC, is an established consulting firm located in Greely, Colorado, with extensive experience in the calculation of NI 43-101 compliant resource estimates.  The company was founded by Vladimir B. Zivkovic, Ph.D., C.P.G., Q.E.P.  Dr. Zivkovic is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Geology and a graduate of the University of Memphis with a Masters of Science Degree in Geology. Dr. Zivkovic earned his PhD in Geology from the University of North Dakota.


Zivkovic Geophysical Investigations, LLC, is a full service geophysical consultancy that specializes in advanced, magnetic, gravity surveys and electrical resistivity. Geophysical surveys are typically used in mineral exploration, geothermal exploration, oil and gas exploration, archeological investigations, and environmental investigations.  Zivkovic Geophysical conducts its surveys using the most proven equipment and procedures. To ensure the quality of its results, Zivkovic Geophysical has implemented comprehensive acquisition techniques, data quality assurance procedures, interpretation procedures, and report formats.

About Mission Mining

US Gold and Silver Mining - Our Nevada & California mining properties are anticipated to hold extremely large precious metals resources. The Company has posted over $400 Million in Assets in its OTC Filings. Come join us!
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