Mission Mining Company is a US Gold and Silver junior exploration company trading on OTC under MISM. The Company posted over $400 Million in total assets in its Financials on OTC Pink Sheets.

Mission Mining has acquired 100% ownership in the Gold Star Mine, a major alluvial placer gold mining property in western Nevada near the historic Gold Rush ghost town of Gold Point.  Historical trenching and testing indicates significant gold and silver in-ground resources.

The Company has executed an Agreement for a 49-year renewable lease to mine and operate the El Dorado Mine in San Bernardino County, California. El Dorado is an extremely rich property holding significant gold and platinum group metals, with indications of the presence of rare earth elements. Historical geological testing at El Dorado indicates the possible existence of a very large deposit of Rhenium.

2 Responses to About

  1. Rick says:

    Where did Mission Mining Co. get the funds to acquire the Gold Star mine worth billions of dollars?

    • It is actually an opposite situation. Western Gold Company acquired a vast majority controlling interest in Mission Mining Company by contributing its Gold Star Mine into the public company. The former CEO of EnviroXtract, Inc. was asked to remain only in an administrative role. However, all major business decisions for Mission Mining Company are now made entirely by the Principals of Western Gold Company who now control Mission Mining Company.

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